Michael S. Males

Michael S. Males is an American outdoorsman, conservationist, writer, and artist.

From a tender age of four, Michael embarked on his lifelong journey as an outdoors enthusiast, instilled with a deep passion for the natural world by his father, William "Bill" Males. Their shared fishing and hunting escapades cast the first lines of his remarkable story.

At the age of 15, Michael's uncle, George Grove, presented him with a recurve bow, sparking the ignition of his archery career. This gift became the gateway to a life filled with the pursuit of excellence in bowhunting.

Meagan Nicole

Meagan has been fishing all of her life. She started off with a Shakespeare Tweety Bird Rod at Shaw's pond and look at her now!

Cameron Paige Males

Doesn't fish.

Mark Orion

The youngest member of the team is way ahead of his time with his fishing abilities. He started his fishing career in a "child carrer backpack" when he was 10 month old and  stocking trout with Hopewell Fish and Game Association. He called in his first mature whitetaiiled deer with the Extinguisher Deer Call when he was just 4 years old. (To watch the video CLICK HERE)

Favorite Fish: Channel Catfish

You can check out MORE videos with Mark by CLICKING HERE!

Evan Krause

The one and only Evan Krause, This guy is a fly fishing fool.

Evan's Eire PA fly fishing video went VIRAL this past Spring. Check it out by CLICKING HERE!

Chuck Woomer

Chuck spends more time archery hunting with Mike than anyone. Teamwork makes the dreamwork.

Trevor Speaker

This is the most recent photo we have of Trevor holding any wild game. Maybe this will be his year!

Rick "Tater" Leader

Rick is a director at Hopewell Fish and Game Association and member of the PFBC Trout Co-Op. He is an avid bowhunter and fisherman hailing from York County, Pennsylvania.

Charlie Skein

Aka Charlie Tuna, aka Charlie Roberts....this guy is working on a MaxCatch sponsorship and ALWAYS looking for ways to cook skate wings!

Charlie hails from Western PA and is an avid fisherman and hunter.

Jackson Hess

The NEW guy from the land of New Jersey! Recently added to our team, he has extensive bass, pike, and flounder fishing knowledge and recently took up trout fishing.


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